Phoenix Re-Solutions has been operating since 1996 and is undertaking more and more combined Health and Social Care contracts as the Government continues to drive forward its agenda for change and set challenges to employers to improve the care experience for individual service users.

In the context of the Governments ‘Transforming Social Care’ agenda including the focus on personalisation, service user choice and control, individualised budgets and self directed support together with developing a “citizenship” model of care provision the push towards requiring staff in the health and social care arena to widen and improve their skill range has never been more evident.

Phoenix has a number of professionally trained Associates who have, over time, been employed in the public and private sector, as well as operating as consultants. Their experience is invaluable and could, (at the click of a mouse so to speak) help you manage organisational change, difficult local and previously intractable inter organisational disputes or an in-house staff dilemma.

Please browse the site and see who we are and look at some of the work we have already been engaged in.